Document Merging Made Easy

About DupleDoc

DupleDoc is a computer-based application, which allows you to merge the information on a template, with pre-defined variables on your documentation. Existing templates and documentation can easily be modified to support DupleDoc merging. Our system is available in a simple user interface that guides the user through the process in a step-by-step fashion. Using DupleDoc saves time, ensures content accuracy and greatly improves efficiency. Together with document merging we can also provide document-sharing solutions that allows staff and management to effectively share and collaborate on company wide documentation.



  • Stand-alone and user-friendly desktop application.
  • Improvements and updates are automatically installed as they become available.
  • Help desk support.
  • Reads xls(x) / doc(x) templates and exports documents to PDF or docx.
  • DupleDoc keeps all documentation updated throughout an organization.
  • Users can inspect variables before mergin.

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